Friday, March 16, 2007

Mondegreen of the Day

A mondegreen (also sometimes spelled "mondagreen") is the mishearing (usually accidental) of a phrase in such a way that it acquires a new meaning.

Me 'n Mrs. G were in Reno today and decided to get some 'strange stuff', by which I mean we went grocery shopping at a brand of supermarket we don't have in our 2-supermarket town.

Mrs. G is a banker and notices banks the way I notice motorcycle shops. As we were turning into the market's parking lot she noticed one.

"Oh, there's a Bursting Appendix Bank" I heard. I mean, I've heard of sperm banks, but...

"Whaaaa...?" I gurgled.

"There's a First Independence Bank. What'd ya think I said?"

She had a good laugh when I told her, and I didn't make this up.

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