Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Attorney General Alberto Gonzales abruptly canceled travel plans Tuesday amid growing calls for his ouster over the firings of eight federal prosecutors during a White House-directed housecleaning of U.S. attorneys.

Gonzales also accepted the resignation of his top aide, Kyle Sampson, who authorities said failed to brief other senior Justice Department officials of his discussions about the firings with then-White House counsel Harriet Miers. Miers resigned in January.

Go read the rest. As a matter of fact, this thing has gained traction so fast you can just about push any button on your keyboard to read about it!

This could possibly bring down the fake AG we didn't want in the job in the first place. This is good.

Here's the funny part, to me at least: a good bit of this deal is a result of these U.S. Attorneys not investigating Democratic voter fraud prior to the November elections. Since most voter fraud is Repuglican, it's doubtful that they could actually find any, and some of the prosecutors weren't willing to manufacture cases like the WH wanted them to.

In the case of Ms. Lam, of course, it's because she went after Repuglicans. Prosecutors go where the crimes are, which is not Repuglican policy because they commit most of them.

Gotta go. Lurch just called to remind me that Tio Taco Gonzales is going to be on TV in a few moments. Later.


Well, that was more administration manure. Not worth watching except for getting to eat lunch.

Shorter AG TV appearance: the fox will investigate what happened in the henhouse so it doesn't happen again.

He's trying to defuse the situation and possibly get it off the front burner. I think - I hope - it's not going to work.

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