Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whew ...

Well, it took since Monday to get my new laptop set up (the biggest headache was migrating my email from Thunderbird on the old to the new). Yes, I got another Gateway because the old one served me well. I spent under a grand for a 17" widescreen and it came with MS Office. The widescreen is something I'm still not used to yet but I'll get over it. Movies and hi-res pics look great on it.

About the operating system, it came with Windows Vista. It's XP on steroids. It has some cool shit but it's cumbersome and it's got a lot of extra crap I don't feel is needed, especially for experienced users. It's mostly special effects and I don't see the big deal.

My old laptop below. As you can see, it's been a lot of places.

Click to embiggen.

To all Mac users: Please don't tell me about Macs. I've never used a Mac. Never saw anyone use one. I've had PCs for 15 years and I'm too old to learn something new, and too cheap to experiment.

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