Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cafferty: Alberto Gonzalez is a weasel.

One of my favorite curmudgeons is on the loose again at Crooks and Liars. Video.

Cafferty: And it's not enough that the Attorney General of the United States is a glorified water boy for the White House. The Bush administration also is admitting now that its #1 political HACK, Karl Rove passed along complaints from Republican lawmakers about US attorney's to the Justice Department and the WH counsel's office. A political advisor—playing a role in the hiring and firing of US attorney's. It's disgraceful.

Cafferty: If you look up the word weasel in the dictionary Wolf, you'll see Alberto Gonzales's picture there.

Wolf: You don't like him?

Cafferty: That is correct, I don't.

Cafferty has never been exactly a shrinking violet, but I am sensing a subtle shift away from fear of the administration on the part of others as well. Let's hope it continues and grows.

They have to go. All of them.

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