Friday, July 27, 2007

GOP = Party of Cowards

The great Josh Marshall:

It's looking like there might not be a GOP CNN/Youtube debate. Rudy appears to be opting out and Mitt Romney doesn't seem far behind. And GOP party functionary Hugh Hewitt is already laying down a line of covering fire for the retreat, arguing that CNN and Youtube are biased against Republicans.

"Liberal Bias", whatever else it once was, now appears to be the new Republican code word for any venue or events not controlled by Republican commisars like Hugh Hewitt along the lines of President Bush's notorious Social Security townhalls in which only certified flunkies who swore to a Bush loyalty oath were let into the room.


Heaven forbid these sleazy, incompetent, dishonest bastids would actually have to face questions 75% of Americans think relevant. Their schtick won't fly for anyone but the brainwashed and the stupid and they know it. It's time for the media to call the Republicans, and Fox News, what they rally are; a bunch of self-serving, special interest-fellating, cowards.

The Republican Party is a joke. More a sideshow (apologies to Avedon Carol) than an honest political movement and it's time it was relegated to the dust bin of irrelevancy.

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