Monday, July 23, 2007

So lemmie get this straight...

We've sent our military all over the world, wasted close to a trillion dollars 'keeping al-Qaeda on the run', yet the White House says an attack on U.S. soil is imminent?

What I don't get is what the White House is trying to accomplish with this fear-mongering. Do the Chimp and Cheney think the American people will let them stay in office if we are attacked again? Do they think the American people will believe al-Qaeda's ability to attack this nation, 6 years after the declared "War on Terror", is a result of anti-war goups and the Democrats "undermining the troops"?

If there is another al-Qaeda attack in this country, I'm more apt to believe the American people will storm the White House, drag Bush and Cheney out by their ankles, and string 'em up from the nearest tree.

If there is a terror attack in this country, it will be due to the complete and utter failure of the Bush administration. There is no way, after all these years, money, and lives wasted, that al-Qaeda should be able to mount an operation here. If they can it means the Chimp has done as much to protect us as he did for New Orleans.

Personally, I think it's another of their scare tactics, but I can't understand what they stand to gain. Sure, it's just another way to distract us from the congressional hearings into their wrongdoings, but the fact al-Qaeda is resurgent only reinforces the notion of White House incompetence.

This cannot be allowed to stand and we cannot allow ourselves to be cowed by threats, real or fabricated. It's what got us into this mess to begin with.

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