Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quote of the Day

Oliver Wllis via that 'Philadelphia guy':

A long time ago I used to believe that a lot of these people were just talking over my head, their discourse too lofty for a regular guy like myself. But that isn't true. They're just stupid.

I remembered this after watching the Sunday Stupids this morning. And I fail to see what people like about Bob Schieffer. After watching the interview with Harry Reid, I couldn't help but think he could work at Fox Noise.



I can't believe, now, after four years, after all the killing, maiming, and violence, all of the pundits are concerned about carnage if we leave Iraq. Iraq is lost, has been since a couple weeks after we took Baghdad. It will be carnage if we stay, as we've seen, and it'll be carnage if we go. Time to get the troops out of the middle of it. The Iraqis will get it together or kill themselves, but nothing we can do will make a difference anymore. All we're doing there is delaying the inevitable and making the situation worse.

I fear though, that the only way we will get out is when every American realizes this was nothing more than a war for oil and that every life lost, every organ, limb, and mind left behind has been wasted for nothing more than the greed of a few super-rich old white men.

Update II:

And any of these pundits who think Rudy Giuliani can beat Hillary Clinton* in a head-to-head race is blowing smoke out their ass. If they think the rest of the nation will ignore the many New Yorkers who will come forward about all Rudy's abuses and criminality in this city, they don't know squat. Hillary has done more for New York City relating to 9/11 than Rudy could dream of. Besides, there are enough pics and video of Rudy in drag to turn off even the most objective 'values voter'. If Rudy's the Rethug nominee, I predict a lot of Republicans will stay home next Election Day.

*Please do not take this as an endorsement of Hillary for President. I'm miles away from making up my mind.

Update III:

And speaking of pissed-off New Yorkers, Blondie has a look at Jimmy Breslin's call for impeachment.

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