Friday, January 18, 2008

Can't Buy Me Love*

While I was over at Atrios tryin' to figure out what "Big Shitpile" in Fixer's post refers to, I ran across this:

Call me cynical, but I'll be very surprised if the White House doesn't spend a few days telling the country everyone's gonna get an $800 check and then demand some bullshit in the bill which the Dems, frightened, will cave on...

Why $800? Is that the $300 from last time adjusted for inflation?

I believe the part about the Dems, frightened, cavin' in too.

Note to the Chimp: You can't buy my love with money**, asshole. There are some things even an ol' whore like me won't do. The exception would be if you give me back my portion of the $Trillion you've wasted on your criminal war, bring back the million or so dead, and reset the time to early November 2000, leave everybody's memory intact, and give everybody a do-over so they won't 'elect' your sorry ass in the first place and thus avoid all the ruinous shit you've pulled.

I still won't love you, or even like you, but I'll at least think maybe you're almost human. You can't do this thing, but yer buddy God can. Talk to Him. That Fucker owes us one if He told you to do the things you've done like you said He did.

*Apologies to Lennon and McCartney

**Apologies to Linda and Dusty too. I'm on a roll...

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