Monday, January 14, 2008

The Social Security 'problem' ...

Repeat after me: There - is - no - Social Security - problem. Dave Johnson explains, even through his questionable spelling ... heh:



1) Social Security and Medicare are not "welfare."
2) Social Security is not the problem. The problemis that the government owe money to Social Security. Reagan and then the Bushes borrowed money from the fund to give tax cuts to the rich, and now the fund wants sime of it back. (Clinton was paying it back.)


Remember Al Gore's 'lock box' that everybody had fun with? Yeah, well, if we wouldn't borrow from Peter to pay Paul, we wouldn't be worrying about the 'Social Security problem'. Maybe, if we didn't give everything to the rich and mortgage our future on a war for oil, we could actually overhaul the SSI program to give people enough to actually live on once they retire.

Truthfully, when the Mrs. and I put our retirement plan together about a decade ago, we didn't even factor Social Security into it. We went under the assumption that the politicians would have dismantled the last vestige of the New Deal by the time we were eligible to receive anything.

Just a question. If they do get rid of SSI, will I get a refund of all the money the Mrs. and I paid into it over the years? Just askin'.

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