Sunday, January 13, 2008


And I'm not talking about the Rethug primary in Michigan. I guess I got at theme going today, but it's nice to see the big automakers are finally getting the message:

DETROIT - Hybrids, advanced diesels and green alternatives are pushing aside the traditional displays of speed and chrome at this week's Detroit auto show, a nod to a new fuel-efficient reality for car makers.


"The No. 1 rule of auto shows is to not get lured in by the hype because a lot of it could be concept cars," said David Friedman, research director at the Union of Concerned Scientists' Clean Vehicle Program.

"But I do think that at least early signs are that this auto show may be different from the past and it may actually be giving a real good glimpse for some of the consumers of what might be out on the road in the next few years," he said. [my em]

People have been seeing the extremes in weather over the past few years (and the dramatic increase in the price of gas, and everything else) and they're screaming for good, fuel-efficient vehicles. Maybe this time the Americans might get in ahead of the curve.

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