Friday, January 18, 2008

Yuck-a! Yuck-a! Yuck-a!

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Was Yucca Mountain the Real Reason Kucinich Was Silenced by GE?

So why does this matter? Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential contender to have voted against using the proposed site and General Electric, which owns NBC and MSNBC who ran the debate yesterday, didn't want his take on the whole mess that the United States Government is brewing.

So, was Kucinich not allowed to debate because he was a "fringe candidate" or was GE just afraid that he would dare speak the truth that will bring in major amounts of money for the corporation and, at the same time, risk the health of millions in the biggest growing metro area in the United States for years to come when the facility starts storing nuclear waste?

It's probably not the only reason, but it's certainly something to consider.

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This is only a matter of local interest in southern Nevada until you understand this nuclear waste shit is a) coming to a town near you, and b) going to be stored right near an increasingly large city on the edge of an earthquake-prone, volcano-heavy tectonic plate. Not to mention its proximity to Area 51 where space aliens could get aholt of it!

The only upside that I can see will be self-lighting hookers. Whee! They'll barely have to change the sign - to Lampshady Lady!

There's not much we can do about a), but I think it would be wiser to move the proposed site north and east, farther from the city and the seismically and vulcanologeously active zone. There's places out there where the birds fly upside-down because there's nothin' worth shittin' on.

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