Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From Coffins to Coffers

Here's the last paragraph of a 'recommended read' by James Wolcott:

Which may explain the final sentences in the epilogue to Draper’s Dead Certain, where the author says that Bush had no intention of marking time until the last tick of his presidency. He’s going to go out with a bang. Once the “surge” strategy in Iraq pays off, “that big ball would be back in his hands again, and he would heave it long.” In Beltway gridiron lingo, this might be interpreted as signifying that Bush is going to drop back in the fourth quarter and hurl a long bomb downfield at Iran. If Bush feels he’s achieved a winning groove, what the hell, why not run up the score, despite the National Intelligence Estimate? Perhaps Bush’s post-presidential memoir should be titled From Coffins to Coffers, since he’s helped fill so many of both.

In an article about Suharto of Indonesia, a point was made that applies to Bush as well:

One Small Man Leaves a Million Corpses

And he's doing it in our name, damn him.

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