Sunday, January 13, 2008

Green China

Yes, they're still the biggest polluter but it's a good step forward:

BEIJING - Declaring war on the "white pollution" choking its cities, farms and waterways, China is banning free plastic shopping bags and calling for a return to the cloth bags of old — steps largely welcomed by merchants and shoppers on Wednesday.


As Chris (from whom I stole the link) says:


I never quite understand the right wing hostility to getting rid of plastic bags. You would think that people were asking them to turn in their best friend or something. Oh right...they're made from oil, I forgot.

And mechanics hate 'em because they get stuck on the exhaust when people run over 'em on the road and turn into a gooey mess. Have some of that shit drip on your skin (sorta like napalm without the fire, you can't get it off before it burns ya) and you'll hate 'em too, trust me.

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