Thursday, April 24, 2008


For kissing wet monkey ass Bush's butt for so long and so well, Gen. Petraeus is getting a promotion, from CINCMNF-I to CINCCENTCOM. As our pal Creature says:

... I guess this means the Iraq war is over and the Iran war is set to begin ...



Dear Congress,

If Bush provokes a war with Iran, will it then be time to drag him from the White House in shackles, along with Cheney, Condi, and the rest of the war criminals?

Just askin', since it seems there hasn't been anything they've done so far that rises to your lofty standards of criminality. Will it take the destruction or disablement of a carrier strike group in the Persian Gulf to jog you all back to reality?



P.S. - You can be replaced too, you know.


Pic from here, click to embiggen.

And if you think I'm losing my grip, or your geography skills have atrophied, just take a gander at this map. The Straits of Hormuz (only 21 miles wide) are the only way in or out of the Gulf. Were I an enemy commander, where would I set up to ambush a CSG? Now you get why I, and a whole buncha other vets, believe we would take greater losses than we are willing to bear, more than our 'leaders' even realize. The Persian Gulf will be our Waterloo.

And just an addition before I split: Just think about what our troops already in Iraq would face should the Iranians decide to seriously support the Shi'ia insurgency (Moqtada) or send regular troops across the border. We can't keep 'foreign fighters' from crossing Iraq's borders as it is. Just think about the consequences if the Iranians decide to cross in division strength.

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