Friday, April 25, 2008

Georgetown Terminates Feith

That was a tease, as much as I'd like Feith, among others, to be 'terminated'. The Jesuits haven't done things like that, at least not openly, for years.


It's not much but it's something. Georgetown University has decided not to renew Doug Feith's contract.

Word from campus is that both students and faculty had pretty much had it with the arch war criminal walking around campus although I also heard that he is such a goofy, pathetic guy that some students felt sorry for him. One told me, "he's like the nerdiest loser I ever saw. He cannot have done the things he's accused of. He's too obtuse."

I told her to read Arendt's "The Banality of Evil."

In any case, the Jesuits have done themselves proud by, at long last, giving Feith his walking papers. I wonder where we'll turn up next. In a McCain administration or in the dock at the Hague?

Perhaps both.

I went to a Jesuit college for a while. Those guys are the Vatican's Hell's Angels. Good for them in this instance.

No neocon anywhere should be allowed to work or take profit from their criminal actions until they come clean and tell all. Then they should get a sumptuous last meal.


Iraq war architect blames Powell for Iraq

The man who led the office that supplied the Bush Administration with "raw intelligence" on Iraq now says everyone else is to blame but himself.

Remarked Milbank wryly, "It must have been very difficult being Doug Feith: correct all the time, and surrounded by idiots."

Feith's pointing more fingers than he's got. Apparently, the guy who is going to get all the blame will be the last one to come out with a self-serving book.

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