Friday, April 25, 2008



The Issue

ISPs have been restricting the free flow of P2P Internet traffic through their networks for years. In some cases, ISPs have pushed past the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. Their tactics now involve forging "hang-up" messages between computers communicating through their networks. Here at Vuze, where P2P technology is the foundation of our business, we decided to take a stand. We decided that enough is enough.

I don't know what 'P2P' technology is, but I've been getting 'hang-up' disconnection messages lately when I go to certain sites. It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens. Sometimes it can be resolved with one click, and sometimes it recurs 'til I just give up and go away.

To me, this machine is just a fancy hammer - a tool to be used. I know not how it works. Some of you folks have technical expertise that I can only dream about. So I ask you, dear readers:

What's going on here? Is it just me? My machine? AT&T? Whaaaa...? Is this something I should concern myself with?

Your comments are welcome. Please enlighten this old fart.

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