Monday, April 21, 2008

McCain: "Telling the truth is a cheap shot!"

The Hill

During a somewhat testy interview with George Stephanopoulos, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that Elizabeth Edwards took a “cheap shot” at him by claiming that the presidential candidate had government healthcare his whole life.

Well, let's see - son and grandson of admirals - military dependent health care. Naval aviator - government health care (you guys who remember goin' to sickbay, quit laughin'!). Congressman and Senator since 1982 - the best medical plan money (ours) can buy.

If you figure he had government 'health care' from the North Vietnamese for a few years, and maybe spent the years after his release in the VA system, I'd say that's his whole life.

A term usually used for long-time repeatedly incarcerated folks pretty much applies to McCain as well: he's 'state-raised'.

Just go the doctor whenever you feel like it and don't worry about paying a bill or insurance premiums. That's McCain's experience with health care. He's possibly a little out of touch with the normal American experience in this regard as well as all the others.

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