Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting High Before a Firefight? Bad Idea, Dude


Smoking weed can improve your performance in all sorts of activities -- from playing reggae music to watching Battlestar Galactica to writing blog posts.

If you're an already ill-trained, semi-motivated soldier in the Afghan Army, however, spliffs are a particularly poor way to prepare for battle, as this little clip illustrates...

Watch this if ya wanna see a guy get his mellow harshed big time. Luckiest bastard in the world!

There's another video clip at the site. Looks like Fixer's back yard. Heh.

Getting high is fine in the right time and place, which is almost any time other than combat, which requires a high degree of concentration and alertness to say the least. Soldiers depend on one another for their very lives, and the round that gets a stoner might come from any direction.

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