Friday, April 25, 2008

Top Ten Ways George W. Bush Can Improve His Approval Rating


10. Fewer embarrassing gaffes, more humiliating blunders

0. Replace "Hail To The Chief" with Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"

8. Send FEMA to rebuild Knicks

7. Change name to Barack W. Obusha

6. Show America you're not some stiff workaholic by blowing off work sometimes

5. Jump Snake River in rocket powered "Sky-Cycle"

4. Become trapped in an elevator until January 20, 2009

3. Less of this (VT: Bush dancing in New Orleans)

2. Ask father for tips on how he achieved his 31% approval rating

1. Hide Cheney's medication

Re No. 1: While potentially entertaining, may have even more disastrous side effects than the meds themselves seem to have had. Have someone standing by with a net.

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