Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Truck off

Go see a Bill Maher video I couldn't snag at 23/6

New Rule: On Earth Day this Tuesday, responsible vehicle owners must show their support for the planet by giving every Hummer driver they see the finger.


I would like to add a personal observation on Earth Day.

There is an old Chinese proverb, which if there ain't, they're easy to make up, which says, "Wisdom begins by calling things by their right name". We better wise up.

Global warming, climate change, call it what you will, is absolutely no danger to our planet. The planet will only be in danger when the Sun goes out and incinerates Earth in its dying throes.

The danger is to life on the planet. That's us and everything else that depends on things like food, water, and, oh yeah, oxygen.

The planet will get along just fine without us as it did for billions of years before life emerged and will for until whenever after life on it is gone, thank you.

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