Monday, December 15, 2008

Crazy Annie's Back!

Raw Story

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday that the Minnesota Senatorial race, in which an ongoing recount has Democrat Al Franken gaining ground against Republican incumbent Norm Coleman, "is being openly stolen in front of our eyes."

Yeah? And yer point is...?

Point is, stealing elections is OKIYAR, but when a Dem looks like he's going to win a close race, just accuse him of the things the Repugs did. Doesn't matter that it's a lie, it's all they got, and the shrinking base lurves them some gettin' lied to.


Coulter was also asked what she thought of the incident in Iraq on Sunday where an angry Iraqi cameraman hurled his shoes at President Bush. Her immediate reaction was to compare it to the time in 2004 when an audience member threw a pie at her during a college speech. "Liberalism and terrorism," Coulter suggested, "different stages of the same disease."

She's gettin' pretty desperate. The 20% of ying-yangs who still listen to her don't buy books. Rocks are a lot cheaper to hold the door open with.

She needs re-wired. This time, wire everything shut she's got, even if it involves a lot of sewing.

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