Saturday, December 20, 2008

How The Mighty Have Fallen...

I've been a fan of Byron Berline for almost forty years. Three-time National Fiddle Champion, in bands like Country Gazette, The Flying Burrito Bros., Berline, Crary, & Hickman, now with The Byron Berline Band and owner of Byron's Double Stop Fiddle Shop, I don't think he needs money. But, O to have come to this:

Mrs. G, who is a bigger fan of this gent than even I am, found that while Tube cruisin' and instantly e-mailed it to all her Bluegrass friends. Heh.

Byron's, er, accompanist is a 92-year-old golf pro named Duffy Martin. To see more of his peculiar, er, talent, go here and listen to him talk about a little gadget he invented. If I was a churchgoer, I'd definitely want one of these. Funny. Worth a look.

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