Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old-Tech Approach To Piracy On The High Seas

So I was reading an article about

The US government said Wednesday that it believes a new UN Security Council resolution on Somalia authorizes air strikes against pirates in Somali territory.

Air strikes? Gee, ya think? Like fuckin' DOH!

However, contrary to an earlier draft, the final version of resolution 1851 does not explicitly say Somali air space can be used.

"The resolution urges countries to establish an international cooperation mechanism as a common point of contact for counter-piracy activities near Somalia," the State Department said in response to a reporter's question to clarify the situation.

Still no fuckin' clue. Yeesh.

Look, folks, fuckin' up pirates is low-retro-tech shit. Here are two entertaining and dramatic approaches from the past.

First, Captain Gallery's USS Guadalcanal task force in action against U-505 off Africa in WWII. We could get that sucker outta mothballs and fix up some F4Fs and have at 'em!

Another approach to air-to-sea tactics:

There's nothing new to be learned about dealing with low-tech ships at sea. Just do it. If ya don't let 'em make it back to land, no problema with violating anyones's airspace. Sink enough of their ships and boats, they'll have to start a Victory ship-like assembly line to keep up, thus creating employment in Somalia!

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