Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Crazy Cajun/Shetland Music Blogging

GainControlAgain brings us a unique foreign perspective on some of our own American music. Your favorite college dropout radio station WKFAG* is proud to present this kind of stuff we might otherwise miss.

*'W' - Eas' Coas', 'K' - Lef' Coas', 'FAG' - Fixer And....Hmmmmmmm. I might wanta rethink them call letters a little....

From 1988 UK Documentary "Aly Meets The Cajuns" Aly Bain talks to DL about the song and then accompanies on the performance.

About the interview, been there, done that, but never in French!

D.L. Menard & The Louisiana Aces - "The Back Door"

Read more about Aly Bain and D.L. Menard.

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