Friday, December 19, 2008

Russian ship visits Cuba

Politics and Bush's depredations on the nation in what's left of his slide to oblivion have got me bored to shit today, although I think I'm in love with my fellow Angeleno homey, Hilda Solis.

RUSSIAN WARSHIPS arrive in Cuba; first such visit since end of Cold War.

I got no idea what the grand scale strategy is, but speaking as a former enlisted man, I know what the below-decks buzz is - a) Cuba's a helluva lot better place to be than Murmansk or Vladivostok this time of year, and b) lotsa rum and hot Latin babes!. A liberty call to remember! I wonder if there'll be enough crew left to get that thing back to Russia...

I just hope there's no room on that tub for them to take a buncha my '59 El Caminos home with them. Oh, the barbarity...


I have another excuse for my lack of prolific today besides boredom.

I'm in charge of both snow removal and dog poop removal around here. I try to not combine the two tasks, even though it would be more efficient. Since the Automatic Wind Direction Changer on my snow thrower works so well, that is to say no matter what direction the wind is blowing from, changing the direction of the discharge chute will automatically cause the wind to shift and come from the exact direction in which you wish to discharge snow, and since whatever is being pulverized by the augur will then blow back right square in yer face and all over yer bod, I try to get rid of the dog poop prior to snowthrowing. Dog poop ain't bad all over your jacket until you go inside and throw your jacket over a chair to dry and it thaws out. Then, dog poop is, well, shitty.

Yesterday I went on a dog poop walkdown before it started snowing. Success! I kicked a nice frozen dog turd to the edge of the driveway and rared back to do it again with some serious altitude and distance to kick it all the way to the neighbor's yard. What I failed to notice was the snow-covered rock the turd had landed on. I think my big toe is broken.

Yeah, I'd be laughin' too if it didn't hurt so much...

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