Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Crazy '50s Saturday Night TV Rockabilly Blogging

I used to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch this show. Larry Collins had a lotta energy and turned it into a music career that's still going today. These days, they'da medicated him out of it.

From Gatorrock786:

December 13, 1958 on Town Hall Party. The show was broadcast on Los Angeles station KTTV every Saturday night from a theater made up to look like an old barn in the suburb of Compton.

Larry and Lorrie, The Collins Kids - "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"

50 Year Update:

Here are the Collins "Kids" these days. Not bad fer a coupla even older farts than me. This is at "THE FIRST FROG & ROLL WEEKENDER AT PONT D'AIN FRANCE". A long way from Compton...

Aw Screw It, In For a Dime, In For A Dollar Update:

How the Collins Kids got their start and the problems Lorrie faced as a female rockabilly.

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