Monday, March 28, 2011

Accidental Priceless Video

I went and broke trail to check on the dryer vent a little while ago. Video of that later, but this is a quickie and it's priceless!

She asked if she could pick the scene for me to show. I asked her if she had jumped up and down and waved her arms and hollered "That's the one! That's the one!" anytime in the last 45 minutes. When she replied in the negative I accused her of a lack of showmanship and told her I'd pick it. Heh.

My wife likes to look at houses we can't afford. Looks like she found a nice one.

This is what happened when I missed the 'off' button on the Active-i glasses/vidcam and set it on the desk whilst awaiting my turn on Hal. I could not have planned this and I have 45 minutes of it. Heh.

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