Monday, March 28, 2011

Willie Nelson’s prosecutor wants to see marijuana decriminalized

A 'must read' for all you heads, at Raw Story.

The Texas county attorney who's letting musician Willie Nelson plea his marijuana charge down to a fee and a song told Raw Story in an exclusive interview that he wishes authorities could just drop the criminal penalties for pot altogether and make getting busted more like getting a parking ticket.

Kudos to the DA!

County Judge Becky Dean Walker, he said, refused to allow Nelson a plea-by-mail, which is typical for misdemeanor marijuana possession cases in some Texas counties.

"She said to me: 'You ain't letting him plead by mail, 'cause I'm not accepting that,'"' Bramblett explained. "I said to her, 'Why?' And she said, ''Cause I want to meet Willie Nelson.'"

Fuckin' A! Shit, lady, if you'da asked, he'da let ya get high on his bus!

Note to prosecutors everywhere: If you bust me for weed, please just let me pay the fine. If you ask me to sing, it would be a case for The Hague as a violation of the Geneva Convention.

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