Friday, April 1, 2011

Stoned ...

And not the good way.

You all know about my garden hijinks lately. Well, come Wednesday, I'll be building one of these:

Pic from here.

On Wednesday at 0900, they drop a couple tons of flat stones* in my yard. The bright side is that it's only gonna be 6" high and 50' long (a border around the center bed). Shoulda never took the Mrs. with me ("Do you remember those stone fences we saw in the Azores? Wouldn't one of those be beautiful?") when I went out pricing flagstones this afternoon. We also came away with 12 more plants** while we were there. Still ain't found flagstones for the walk ...

*And, believe it or not, it's cheaper than the cast stuff they sell at the Home Depot and regardless of the material, I'm still lugging a couple tons of stuff, 20lbs at a time. I have to agree with the Mrs. that the real thing will probably look better and more authentic.

**Note to Jay in NC: I'll let you know what we got when I plant 'em on Sunday.


The stone fences in the Azores the Mrs. was talking about. This is on Ponta Delgada.

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