Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progressive crazy ...

See, this is what gives political adversaries ammo:

... I'm not sure that this kind of gimmickry doesn't diminish the seriousness of PETA's cause ...

They want San Francisco to change the name of the "Tenderloin" district. Mr. Aravosis calls it right.

... I think it important that someone keep pressure on the food industry to better its practices, make them as humane as possible, etc. But is complaining about the Tenderloin district really worthy of PETA? ...

Dennis Kucinich is another one. He has some great points, and does some great work for the progressive cause, but his dives into the realm of nutty diminish his message and makes it too easy to disregard everything he says.

Let the conservatives play on the crazy side, but if anybody's gonna take progressives seriously, they gotta get away from the nitpicky shit that makes them look like obsessive nuts.

In this day and age, with the conservative opposition research machine going full bore, it might help the cause if those on our side with a national forum thought about what they are about to say before they opened their traps.

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