Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Meskins are on my roof!

Four guys showed up at 8AM. They put the ladder on my freshly shovelled (by me) deck and in about two minutes it looked like a blizzard out my front window and the snow on the deck is four feet deep. I have to wait for them to move to the sides to go shovel myself out because if I went out there now they'd have me buried up to my neck in a New York minute!

This deserves telling - one of the gents is wearing leather street shoes, probly the ones he walked into the U.S. with. He put plastic shopping bags over cotton socks and another pair of socks over that.

Don't anybody ever tell me Meskins don't wanna work. An Anglo woulda complained up one side and down the other that he couldn't do this work because he didn't have the proper footwear.

More as this develops. Photos later. This is kinda my day today.


The vatos are back up on the roof after comida at the Siete-Once. While they were gone, I was scoopin' dog poop off my driveway and the plastic D-handle on the shovel broke. Got all four knuckles, two of 'em big time. It's only a flesh wound, but I left a blood trail headin' for the band-aids.

The snow is off the front of my roof and they are working on the back side. I've got a pile of snow in my driveway I can't believe. Loader time.


Update II:

2PM. The snow's off the roof, the Meskins are gone. El jefe Jose said one more big storm and my house would have broken in two so it was money well spent.

I'm still tunnelling from my front door to the driveway. Making good time. I've got about six feet down at the deepest spot and twenty feet out to go, just one shovel width will do for now.

More when I have time.

Update III:

Here's some photos. No pics of the Meskins. When I pointed the camera at 'em, they all dove off the roof for some reason. They were on the clock and I couldn't afford the lost time to dig 'em out again. Heh.


Click photos to embiggen

After. You can see the access I dug on the left. I need to go down another foot or so but that's enough for today.

Another perspective of the snow that's now on the driveway. It's like that all the way around my house. All you can see out the windows is snow and the windows in back are six feet off the ground. Tomorrow I have to dig down and make sure the dryer vent is clear so Mrs. G can dry the laundry. No energy left today.

Yesterday I shovelled five feet of snow off my deck and I'm damn glad I did. It has five more feet of snow on it today and I'da had to shovel ten feet off it.

As you can see, I'm well and truly snowed out of my garage. I can climb over the pile and get in but I can't get anything out that I can't carry. Like my snowblower. I'm going to see if the Honda can take that pile down a little at a time by climbing and blowing and backing down and repeat. Hey, it might, who knows? Not the whole pile. I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. Just enough to get the snowblower out when it snows again. If it won't, I'll dig it a path. My other recourse is to get a loader in to haul it out. Problem is, the 'hood is pretty full and it might be hard to find a place to put it. Fuck it, it'll melt.

I know it looks like I bought myself a pain in the ass, but it's a pain in the ass I can deal with myself. From now 'til July if that's what it takes. The Meskins put the snow right where I told them to - off the roof. I'm not exactly thrilled with that pile of snow and the many future hours of communing with nature that it represents but it's harmless now and it's better than a broken house.

I are happy now. Well, relieved. Tired too. This is the 7th day in a row I've been workin' snow around here and I'm taking the rest of the day off.


Max Boughner said...

Ahhh, The sight of thick layers of snow on your roof and on the driveway, it is so wonderful! It's specially wonderful when your kids are playing around too! Also, with that snow, you can build yourself a huge snow fortress.

Unknown said...

That’s a lot of snow, Gordon! How long did it take you to shovel them off of your driveway and roof? It must have been a ton of snow that covered all the way around your house. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this to happen again, so I recommend you clean your roof regularly.

Lue Madson

Unknown said...

Five feet?! No wonder your roof was at the brink of collapsing. Jose was right about one more big storm splitting your house apart into two. It would be easier to shovel off the snow from the roof and around your house if you do not let it pile up. You may want to install protective coating on your roof to prevent damaging the roof’s surface.

Missie Rice

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