Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Drunk" food all the rage in Shakytown

For us Krautophiles. Brand X via the LATimes:

Eating: L.A. bars and eateries sprechen Deutsch

But lately a new breed of late-night destinations is sweeping into Los Angeles, catering to a younger crowd that associates late-night cool, clubbing and great food with cities such as Berlin.

Last month, Angelenos saw the debut of nighttime hang Steingarten LA, and in the coming months at least two more spots serving up German-themed late-night thrills — Kai Loebach’s Currywurst on Fairfax and W├╝rstkuche Venice — are rushing to meet the demand for “drunk” food and imported craft beers.

“People are already going to be drunk when they come in here,” says Kai Loebach, the Westphalia-born owner of the forthcoming Currywurst on Fairfax. It is not related to the Berlin Currywurst in Silver Lake.

“I was born and raised on currywurst and I’ve always craved the quick fix satisfaction of eating it after midnight in L.A.,” he said.

Currywurst and beer after midnight, blow the blankets right off the bed by morning. Sounds good to me!

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