Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breakin' trail to the dryer vent

It looks like Fixer 'n me are both doing shovel work today. He's turning his garden (two posts down), I'm tryin' fer warm underwear. Let's just say we is both ho-ing...

This was my recon job yesterday. At one point Mrs. G saw the dogs going by outside the office window and hollered hello and I hollered 'hi' back.

Also, with one day of sunshine and mid-40s temp my snow pile went down almost a foot. It was like summer! More, more...! If I wait a coupla weeks for clean skivvies maybe the dryer vent will clear naturally...no, no, there must be something in the Geneva Convention about that.


I got the dryer vent dug out. I sat on the snow under my dripping eaves wearing a hooded rain jacket. I now understand the full meaning of "colder'n a well digger's ass". My jeans are in the dryer, the venting of which is melting that pile of snow at a prodigious rate. I wish.

I had to dig straight down about three feet. I used both long and short handled shovels. I broke a short handled one the other day and when I went to replace it I found the cutest little shovel I've ever seen. I'da bought it if I hadn't needed it. Its use is limited but it worked well for this close-clearance job until the hole got so deep I couldn't reach any farther. It's called a Razorback Little Hog and I got it at our Ace Hardware store. Under 20 bucks, but I had a $5 coupon.

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