Saturday, June 4, 2011

"American voters have the attention span of high-speed lint"

Will Durst on the Repugs' "Kill Medicare" program.

Specifically, their plan to reform Medicare, which some folks say is akin to a tornado's plan to reform trailer courts.

The scheme involves replacing blanket care for elders with fixed-value vouchers. You know, like coupons. That's right; he's going to hand out health care coupons. Why? Because it would save lots of money, which could then be given to wealthy people through increased tax cuts and besides, everybody knows old people love coupons.

Yes, we do.

Cognizant of seniors' tendency to mislay important objects, Ryan thoughtfully unburdens them with having to handle the grubby little coupons physically; those will be given directly to the insurance providers for safekeeping. And when people run out of coupon value, banks could be enlisted to suck out account funds for a nominal transaction fee. You know, for our convenience.

I think 'automatic withdrawal' is a big part of the Repug agenda. Why filter it through fraudulent mortgages or the government as bailouts? More efficient and less paperwork to just let them take it directly from the folks who earned it. It's the American way! American bankers, that is.

Obviously the American voters have the attention span of high-speed lint and it's a long way to the 2012 elections. But you might want to install a protective filter on your TV for the impending tsunami of ads featuring parades of elders being attacked by Paul Ryan's Tax-Cut Zombies from the Planet NO!

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