Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad

In case you missed it. Noo Yawkahs are serious about their pizza protocol!

I love pizza, but I must confess my dirty little secret - I, too, eat pizza with a fork. I will try to mitigate this horrid revelation - first, I have no teeth, so biting a chunk off the pointy droopy end of the slice is outta the question. It gets messy. Second, I like a thicker crust and my pizza loaded. Folding the slice makes the topping separate so I eat my slice flat. Actually, I use a hybrid method. After the first coupla forksful, the slice is wider and I can gum chunks off it so I pick up the slice and eat it slightly bent.

In my own defense, I would never do this - Trump explains in the 'moment of Zen' that he eats The Holy Pie with a fork so he can get just the topping because he doesn't like the crust. That's just plain un-American! Why doesn't he just order melted cheese with stuff in it? Put it in a bowl and use a spoon.

Ya think this'd fly? "Yo, Tony, gimme a large pie! Hold the crust..."

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Anonymous said...

yup, it's yummy- but at what cost?
'notmilk pizza'search results are real