Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alas, Babylon Line

Paul Krugman on Irene and Lawn Guyland.

I see that Nassau County, Long Island south of Sunrise Highway is being evacuated. That’s my homeland! In Merrick, Sunrise was the big east-west drag, with the Babylon Line of the Long Island Railroad running alongside. Our house was around a mile south of there, although it’s gone now, replaced with a McMansion. Anyway, given the canals running through that area, I can easily see how it might end up underwater.

Also, I’m glad we visited Coney Island and Brighton Beach a few weeks ago, while they still existed.


Meanwhile, I’m filing Monday’s column, or at least a draft thereof, today, so that even if New Jersey is plunged into darkness, the show will go on.

Note to Mr. Krugman: I've been to Merrick. Nice place. Made it all the way ta Joisey, didya? I'm not sure that's the direction I would have strived for. New Jersey plunged itself into darkness when it elected that roly-poly fat fuck as governor.


Fixer said...

... Merrick ...

Dad in law lives in the next town north of Merrick. Who knew Krugman was a South Shore Swamp Jew? You have to be a Long Islander to appreciate that.

Fixer said...

Yeah, Secaucus Fats blocks out Jersey's sunlight. He's been on the TV every hour, yelling at everybody.

Gordon said...

South Shore Swamp Jew

I fuckin' love it! Thank you for your unique perspective!

mandt said...

The thought of Gov. Chris Christie evacuating is beyond horrifying.