Monday, October 31, 2011

No pull trigger, STFU

From a post by William Rivers Pitt on OWS:

Welcome home, Marine. Thank you for your service to your country, but since you dared to exercise your First Amendment right to peaceable assembly, here's a cracked head for your trouble. And you thought Iraq was dangerous.

Yeah, joke's on you, Jarhead.

Occupy Oakland Update:

Censored News, photos and videos.

San Francisco Sheriff's officers on center front police line, during shooting of Marine Scott Olsen have been verified, by way of an official list of officers. They are San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU) officers Scott Bergstresser, Ceciel Yambao and Hugo Aparicio.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- US Marines are gathering evidence to prosecute the officers who shot fellow Marine Scott Olsen, member of Veterans for Peace, at Occupy Oakland on Tuesday night. Scott was standing in front of police to protect the people behind him, when police fired directly at him.
Scott suffered a skull fracture when a police projectile struck him in the head. After Scott was down, and people rushed to help him yelling for medics. Police threw a flash grenade at Scott after he was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and head.

More. Get some, Leathernecks.


Fixer said...

Wonder what the JArheads are gonna do once they find the evidence? Heh ...

Gordon said...

Air strike, assault, dig in, defend. :-)

Phil said...

Whoever pulled that trigger should already be in jail.