Thursday, November 3, 2011

There ya go ...

When a non-violent protest becomes violent, thanks to the idiot who got himself run over by a car and the other idiots who had to break windows and go nuts with spray paint, you get news stories like this.

The minions of the 1%ers are using all their clout to marginalize the protests as it is, they don't need to be given ammunition from our side. Somebody needs to get a hold of the Oakland folks and get them to clean up their own house. Graffiti and vandalism of innocent people's businesses and property can do nothing but hurt us in the PR battle. It also gives the cops an excuse to bust heads preemptively.

Think about it.


BadTux said...

Yeppers, and the New Yawk Times and Disney err ABC ain't out there talkin' about how the OccupyOakland folks went out today and *cleaned off* all that spray paint and paid for the broken window, it's all about the fact that a few assholes last night ran wild (while the cops were busy tear-gassing and beating down peaceful protestors) and did that shit.

Question is, if the cops can't deal with the assholes, why expect unarmed protesters to deal with the assholes? About all unarmed protesters can do is scold them for doing wrong and tell them they're not welcome, which is what the unarmed protesters did multiple times. Whadya want them to do, bring out guillotines and start offing the black mask morons ninja-wannabes? How are they supposed to keep the morons away, if the morons won't stay away? Shoot them? The cops are the only ones with guns out there. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Puzzled Penguin

Fixer said...

Don't see it in NY and most of the other protests. Fnid the idiots who are doing the vandalism and turn them in. Zero tolerance for violence.

BadTux said...

New Yawk ain't Oakland. Even Lawnguyland ain't Oakland. We're talking about a town that sounds like a fucking war zone every night, with all the gunfire going on. On a per capita basis, Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in America. You try to do New York shit in Oakland, they cap your ass. There's parts of Oakland that make Compton look like fucking Disneyland.

Saying the OWS folks, general peaceful unarmed types, shoulda somehow subdued those black bloc ninja-wannabes and handed'em over to the cops is easier said than done, is what I'm saying.

- Badtux the Bay Area Penguin