Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Palindrome Day!

It's 11022011.


Fixer said...

Wait, that crazy old guy is gonna say the world will end at midnight.

Gordon said...

I think he's retiring. He can predict the end of Wal-Mart when he's greeting you.

David Aquarius said...

He's all depressed and forlorn. When he prayed to God to ask why there was no End of the World, all he got back was nothing but balls-out laughter and a couple of "you fucking morons".

Maybe it went like this...

"Hey Camping! The world ends on May 5th... no, no, ahhh May 21st (snicker) No, it's definitely May 21st.'


"Hey Camping! You got the date wrong, you butthead.

(Jesus in the background yells out "Make it my birthday! Ha!)

Shhhh, keep it down son, I'm on a prayer here. OK, Harold, it's not May 21st, you dolt. I said October 21st."

(St Peter yells from the back "Tell him he can only be saved if he's wearing a pink tutu!" Jesus and Peter bust up)

"Shut up, you two! You got it, Harold. October 21st"

November 1, 2001 Camping sends a prayer to God and gets this reply...

"I'm sorry, all circuits are busy right now. Prayers will be answered in the order that they were received. Please put on the tutu and wait for the beep."

(Peals of laughter!)