Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts on Perry's NH speech

If you missed Goodhair's New Hampshire speech, go see it uncut here.

Well, he can no longer be considered uptight and wooden in his delivery. I would say he's loosened up considerably. Heh.

Fucker was higher'n a kite. He was almost, I say again almost likable.

I have no idea what messed his ass up. Mrs. G thinks it was Red Bull and vodka. Whatever it was, it's an improvement.

He's still fulla shit.


Fixer said...

Fucker was higher'n a kite.

Presidential material if I ever saw it.

Gordon said...

You may be right. Lord have mercy on our souls.

wkmaier said...

Was it booze or "something else"??

Actually, I heard he had back surgery a while back, he could still be popping goofballs.