Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, Liberals Are Totally Responsible for the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Story

El Rude-o

You know on thing that's really hilarious about conservatives? How they preach the "personal responsibility" dogma and then, when they're caught doing something wrong or fucking up, it's always someone else's fault. Asked something in a debate that makes 'em give an answer that reveals how batshit or stupid they are? It's a "gotcha" question. It's discovered that a leading presidential candidate settled a pair of sexual harassment claims against him? He's now "a prominent Conservative targeted by liberals simply because they disagree with his politics."

Hey, whatever works...(smiley face)

Now, a liberal could get pretty goddamn upset and sputter, "No..fuck you...After what you did to Bill Clinton? And you're gonna accuse us of anything? Blow a rhino dick, you fuckers."

But screw it. The jig is up. They caught us. Again. You're right, you smart smarty conservatives. This is totally the work of the same liberal cabal that faked Obama's birth certificate and made Larry Craig like to get his cock sucked in men's rooms.

Here's how we did it:

Go. Oh, one more:

Oh, how we thought we had enough layers for plausible deniability, not to mention the obvious alibi that it was either the Romney or Perry campaigns, but Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh were just too damn smart for us.

I think it was Pizza Guy's own campaign that tipped off Politico. He wants outta this so bad without just up and quitting and he's getting desperate. Every time he says something stupid enough that it oughta sink him like the Titanic it just makes him more popular with the Dead End Quarter morons. What's a guy to do?

The DEQ probly thinks, "What's the big deal? They were only women."


Fixer said...

Personally, I detect the scent of that Hall of Fame ratfucker, Karl Rove.

Gordon said...

Ah, weedhopper...

Gordon said...

Mrs. G thinks it was the Turdwhisperer too. I'm being facetious about it but you guys are probably right.

Fixer said...

Hey, dude, why don't you have the Mrs. make a Blogger account so she don't have to put her arm up yer ass and make yer lips move? Heh ... Shit, she can even blog here if she wants.

Gordon said...

And have her take her arm out my ass? No way!

Fixer said...

Hey, we all have our things ... ;)

Gordon said...

We do, don't we? :P