Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off ...

To deal with the bureaucracy of New York State. I have to renew Da Chooch's license and clear up some misunderstandings about my dog. Namely asking one question: "Does this look like a Chihuahua to you?"

I'm taking pictures and documentation, the vet's and breeder's phone numbers as well. Hopefully I'll be able to provide enough proof for the bureaucrats. This should take the better part of the day, I'm sure.


Oy. How it went at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter.

Me: I'd like to renew my dog's license and edit her information.

Nice Lady: Sure, Mr. F, what seems to be the problem?

Me: Seems you guys think one of my dogs is a Chihuahua. She's not. (I hold up the pic above that I printed out.)

Nice Lady: So your other dog is a Chihuahua then?

Me: No. They're sisters. Purebred Australian Cattle Dogs both. (I take out Da Chooch's AKC registration papers)

Nice Lady: So you used to have a Chihuahua?

Me: Never had a Chihuahua, don't want a Chihuahua.

Nice Lady: Well, we can't change the breed of dog on file.

Me: I'd rather not take the chance, should she get lost, that there would be some confusion if you found her. I'd like my Cattle Dog back, not a Chihuahua.

Nice Lady: Well, then we'll have to do a new license application.

Me: That's fine. Gimmie the form.

Nice Lady: I'll have to call over to Town Hall and Albany first to make sure I can do it and cancel the original license.

Me: Fine, say hi to the Governor for me. (She didn't think that was funny.)

After 20 minutes she comes back and gives me the form. I fill it out and hand her my $6.

Nice Lady: Do you have her rabies certification?

Me: No. It's the same one I submitted last year. It's good for 3 years.

Nice Lady: But this is a new license. I need to submit a new certification.

Me: Can't you just rip it off the old file and put it on the new one?

Nice lady: Unfortunately not, all the hard copies get shipped up to Albany.

Me: Would there be any way you could call her vet and have them fax one over? (I slide the paper with the number on it across the desk)

Nice Lady: I guess I can.

She goes to call and I play with the cat that has decided I'm one of her staff. 20 minutes later, she comes back with the fax.

Nice Lady: You're all set, Mr. F. Sorry for the delay but earlier this year, the State of New York decided it would be cheaper for them to give the authority for administering the dog licensing program over to the towns.

Me: Is it?

Nice Lady: Not for us. Expect a property tax increase this year.

Me: Darlin', I expect a property tax increase every year.

So, now Da Chooch is a Cattle Dog again. I'll never get that hour back.


Gordon said...

Un-youknowwhatwordgoeshere-believable! STATE dog licenses? Never heard of such a thing! Can you imagine "Honest ta God, lady, It's a Ford, not a Yugo. Says it right on it." "Sorry, sir, the state says it's a Yugo. Nothing I can do." Glad ya got yer pup's national identity back.

Gordon said...

Mrs. G says the Town of Truckee has our Tami down as a Welsh Springer Spaniel instead of an English one. Big whoop, one little border. Not the whole Pacific Ocean!

Fixer said...

STATE dog licenses?

Yup. The NYS Dept. of Agriculture, believe it or not.

BadTux said...

Chihuahua, cattle dog, what's the difference, right? That's a right fine specimen of chihuahua you got there ;).

- Badtux the ROFL Penguin

Gordon said...

I would add that she's the ass-kickinest Chihuahua of all time!

David Aquarius said...

I showed a picture of Chooch to my dog, Meko, a classic Chihuahua. He looked at the pic closely and seemed to say "Nice dog but ain't never seen her at the meetings."

Apparently, the dogs are much smarter than the State of NY.

The Precious said...

Are you sure that's a cattle dog?

Fixer said...

Not anymore. Heh ...