Sunday, January 9, 2005

Connecting the dots

Shakespeare's Sister has been on this:

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Meanwhile, if the Democrats don’t pull this troubling story together with the Armstrong Williams debacle, and use them to point out loudly and repeatedly how corrupt and morally bankrupt this administration actually is, then they truly are a useless bunch of wankers.

So has Oliver Willis:

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More Americans want answers:

Ralph G. Neas president of People For the American Way today called on the White House to immediately ask all federal agencies to disclose any public relations contracts with news commentators, and any programs that seek to disguise the release of agency information as real news stories put out by independent news organizations.

Armstrong Williams is just the tip of the iceberg. [my emphasis]

So has my partner Gordon:

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Lemme see if I 'm getting this right: They steal public money to mis-inform and dupe the public so they can keep doing what they're doing, even though it's wrong, and get the duped public to agree with it? Is that pretty close?

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And Dave Johnson:

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So it seems like a good time to remind readers of this story. The Bushies awarded the contract to supply oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to one of the core funders of the Right. What a coincidence! At a time when oil prices are higher than ever, many have questioned why the government wouldn't at least put a hold on oil purchases -- not to mention pumping some oil OUT of the reserves to lower demand. But that would mean that Koch gets less of our money to put to use funding the Right! Well, it isn't about the interests of the people of the country, it's about the interests of The Party.

And everyone asks the question, 'why is it just us?' Is it just the bloggers who are ranting and raving about this? Where is the Democratic leadership? Where are Kerry, Pelosi, Ried, Edwards, Kennedy, Leahy, and yes, even Dean, and the rest of them? I mean shit, bloggers connected the dots for 'em as early as '03 (long before I even dreamed of having a blog).

We would have won the election this past November had any of the contenders, any of the leadership, come out and called a spade a spade. And I'm not talking about "Rainman" Kucinich. Bush and his entourage are a bunch of liars, cheats, and theives. All this flowery fucking language in passive voice from the Dems, puh! 'Oh, the President was misinformed about Iraq's WMD.' 'Oh, the President got bad advice'. Bullshit. He makes the final decision. Remember Harry Truman? The buck stops here? It would be something if Bush fired the ones who 'misinformed' him, but instead he gave them medals. What is this, a banana republic in South America where sergeants walk around with more tin on 'em than our generals?

This administration is crooked, period. That's what we needed to hear, but instead we got platitudes. We got 'nuance'. I got a problem with spineless people. Instead of calling for 'bipartisanship' (which went the way of the dinosaurs in '94 and hasn't been seen since), the Democratic leadership should have been calling for indictments. Are you actually scared of the Republican majority? If you are, then you have no place in Congress. Are you scared of upsetting the apple cart when it comes to appropriations for your district? If you are, you're just as morally challenged as the Repubs. You're selling out your constituents to get yourself reelected and you should be on the unemployment lines. Note to Dem leadership, selling out in the name of your constituents is not the same as bipartisan compromise. As I said, bipartisanship went out the door in '94.

Time to take the gloves off, Mr. Ried, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Leahy. Start eating what Ms. Boxer does, because she gave you a valuable lesson in principle this past week. Hopefully, you all learned something about solidarity and intestinal fortitude. Time for you to step up and speak directly to the American people. Call for impeachment, don't just leave it to the bloggers and the 'pundits' on TV. We need big voices to say this, not the B-team.

We have an issue here, people. The bloggers are on it. Remember, a simple burglary begat Watergate, when another Republican crook left the White House in shame. Time to do the same thing to this one.

Update: 07:30:

And why aren't the leaders listening to the bloggers? We are the voice of your base, you idiots. If you stand up, we got your back.

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