Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nuremburg revisited

FORT HOOD, Texas (Reuters) - A lawyer for Charles Graner, accused ringleader in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, on Monday compared piling naked prisoners into pyramids to cheerleader shows and said leashing inmates was also acceptable prisoner control.

Graner's attorney said piling naked prisoners into pyramids and leading them by a leash were acceptable methods of prisoner control. He compared this to pyramids made by cheerleaders at sports events and parents putting tethers on toddlers.

"Don't cheerleaders all over America form pyramids six to eight times a year. Is that torture?" Guy Womack, Graner's attorney, said in opening arguments to the 10-member U.S. military jury at the reservist's court-martial.

[. . .]

First and foremost, the 'I was just following orders' defense went out the window in 1945. Second, this fucking idiot lawyer should be thrown in jail just for drawing the parallel between what happened in Abu Ghraib and cheerleader competitions. What a fucking asshole.

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