Saturday, January 15, 2005


FORT HOOD, Texas - Army Spc. Charles Graner Jr., the reputed ringleader of a band of rogue guards at the Abu Ghraib prison, was convicted Friday of abusing Iraqi detainees in a case that sparked international outrage when photographs were released that showed reservists gleefully humiliating prisoners.

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The jury of four Army officers and six senior enlisted men rejected the defense argument that Graner and other guards were merely following orders from intelligence agents at Abu Ghraib when they roughed up the detainees.

Firing squad, hanging, this is one instance where the death penalty would be a deterrent. Maybe hand him over to the Iraqis? The world is watching this trial and the sentence that will be handed down shortly. If we give this asshole the max, it might go a ways to restore our credibility. It would be better if Gonzales and Rummy were on trial too, but it's a start.

Update: 05:36:


. . . But for these trial to truly be seen as justice for all, some of the civilians in charge of this fiasco need to appear in the prisoners dock. Abu Gonzales would be a good start, followed by John Yoo, Rumsfeld and the Hugger-in-Chief.

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Update: 18:07:

They gave him 10 years

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