Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mission Accomplished

The Dog:

[. . .]

Knowing that the mission has been accomplished, the ball has been spiked, and the end zone party commences in just eight days time (unsportsmanlike conduct penalty be damned!), even White House spokesman and compulsive confabulator Scotty McClellan confirmed that Saddam had nothin'-- not secret caches deep underground, not moved to Syria... just nothin'. Doesn't mean the whole war wasn't justified (the Imperium WAS reelected, was it not?)

[. . .]

Nothing else mattered. Not the lives or the bucks wasted, nothing mattered but the continuation of the Bush Empire. All they cared about was the second term and keeping the Corporate Raid of America going. Wonder what scam they're gonna use to get JEB elected in '08?

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