Monday, January 10, 2005

Womb Of Terror

Un-fucking-believable! Got this from King of Zembla:
Nine women protesting the Food and Drug Administration's position on the emergency contraceptive Plan B were arrested yesterday when they blocked entry to the agency's Rockville headquarters.

The women, part of a noisy protest in favor of making the morning-after pill available without a prescription, were taken away by officers of the Department of Homeland Security and charged with disorderly conduct.

Nine women blocking a doorway at the FDA? And this is a job for Homeland Security? This is the kind of high-profile collar that those elite terror-busters plan to point to when they ask Congress for their next budget increase?

Pardon our mystification, but you see, we couldn't find a single mention of the Department of Homeland Security here --

And he goes on. And on. About perhaps genuine threats about which DHS did absolutely nothing. Go read.

Do I detect a faith-based, or perhaps Big-Pharma-bottom-line-based, bias as to what constitutes a threat to our national security? Jeezus, what a bunch of morons.

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