Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gloomy Glen

Glen's gettin' a passport:

I think I'm finally going to get a passport. It's generally useful, and I have this fantasy of spending two weeks in Ireland and maybe Wales. (I'm a Celtophile.) But the sudden impulse is simply that I may need to get out of here one day, just long enough to clear my head: my beloved country is really beginning to depress me.

[. . .]

Intelligent design, of course, is re-branded theology, and pre-Thomist at that. (Aquinas at least believed that reason and faith would arrive at the same conclusions, which made them equals; not so this crowd.) The most "scientific" argument ID's defenders can advance is, "Because I'm not able to figure out how it happened, Somebody brighter than I must have done it." I shudder to think of this country ruled and run by the suitably "educated" children of today.

[. . .]

It's getting scary, the traction these Creationists are getting. I can't believe so many people in this country are willing to throw away centuries (sometimes millennia) of scientific observation for this loony crap. The whole ID debate is just another Christo-fascist whitewash to make creationism palatable to the 'fence sitters'. Think 'Clear Skies', 'Healthy Forests', and 'No Child Left Behind'.

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