Thursday, January 13, 2005

Net May Be Closing On Bugs

The Carpetbagger Report reports that more companies and some former associates may be plea-bargaining by "offering" to testify against Bugs DeLay. Ya-fuckin'-hoo!
Sources close to the investigation said this week that similar deals were being negotiated with some of the remaining six companies indicted late last year. The six companies are the Williams Companies Inc., Bacardi USA, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, Questerra Corp. and Westar Energy Inc.

One legal source with knowledge of the investigation said the agreements with the companies could help target "big fish" in the Republican Party by persuading the three DeLay aides to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for leniency or dismissal of their cases. The aides face 10-year prison sentences if convicted.
"If you are looking at 10 ... years in jail, are you going to take the hit for Tom DeLay?" the source asked.

DeLay is the absolute epitome of the criminal IOKIYAR mentality that has ruined political discourse in this country. Bullying, gerrymandering, probably extortion, under the guise of a "Moral Values Christian" when he's really a scumbag Texas pol who ought to be chasing unlicensed dogs in East Bumfuck County, are his tactics, and they've paid off for him. It's high time to put this crooked bastard in the stony lonesome. If they have to let some perps off (for now) to do it, I say it's well worth it.

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