Sunday, July 24, 2005

Exactly right

On the mistaken shooting of a 'terrorist' by London police. JRH:

. . . We need to find some real legitimate ways to fight terrorism instead of being guided by fear, because in the long run, that will just make things worse.

Indeed. Much as people of the Right flavor say the Left wants to coddle terrorists, the causes of terror have to be addressed in order to stop it. Turning our major cities into armed camps won't do it.

Update: 13:15:

Kevin Hayden looks at this too:

[. . .]

They're not sure whether it's gagging librarians or keeping Cat Stevens out of the country that's keeping us safe, but they'd favor cactus enemas if someone said that's what prevents it. "The proof's in the pudding," they insist. But they'd give away the bowl and spoon for that pudding.

[. . .]

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